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The Finca


The Finca is our playground, sanctuary, home and working place. It is old and vibrant land where traditional farming formed the landscape. We introduced modern biological horticulture, developed a fusion of both, nowadays known  as permaculture. After all this years the Finca has become our main source of vegetables, fruit, seasoning,  medicine, conserves, firewood, manure, construction material & income.


Exploring or staying on the finca, if only for a couple of days, leaves you with an undeniable sense of harmony. The natural beauty of it, achieved through unwavering commitment to this organically slow Life Proyect, meant to go on for many more lifes to come. An invitation to inspiration.



organic food

La Víspera is a well-established organic herb farm. In the Herbolario herbs are dried and processed into delicious blends on a daily basis. We also process herbal extracts & massage oils and make our own mango- & cherry tomato chutneys, jams, rhubarb sauce & fruity nectars. Besides we are specialized in leafy vegetables & edible flowers. All our products are part of the slow food menu at the Garden Café.

Every Wednesday we harvest fresh products  for the natural food lovers and creative chefs in the city of Santa Cruz.


Natural building

All beautifully finished houses are mostly built with natural local materials. We are playing with round forms, the Golden Ratio Φ and Feng Shui. A lot of experiments are going on at the moment. Last November our creative local eco-constructor organized a week course on the Finca to build a round, domed little house, applying adobe, glassware and earthbags (superadobe).


Native Park

The finca is home to some 90 species of birds; you can find  iguanas, foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels, skunks, weasels, guinea pigs, bats, and sometimes even see an Andean deer, a porcupine or a mountain cat.

In the Native Park we cherish native plants and trees. The stone walls are reminders of the old Inca road leading to the local sanctuary, the current ruins of  "El Fuerte."

Herbshop & Products

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'The Throne' uphill is an awesome spot.