Nowadays a special place to be offline, free from the digital temptation, to refresh your brain, to let your eyes wander-wonder wide vistas, to play and talk for real with your loved ones.

Cafe Jardín

A welcoming open ambiance offers a panoramic view of the food gardens and mountains around us. We offer good food with only the best products. And while you wait, you’ll get inspired by the fresh breeze that brings a variety of birds to watch as well as the purest aromas of nature.

Herbolarium & Vegetable Garden

The ‘herbolario’ houses ancient secrets for medicinal blends & teas,
seasonings & spices, massage oils & tinctures, chutneys, compotes & jams. Our fresh products are for sale in Hipermaxi supermarkets. We send edible flowers, herbs and vegetables to restaurants & tearooms on a daily basis.